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What started out as our pipe dream project has made it into reality. We wanted to see how far we could push the Stingray platform, and so, the EON was created. We have redesigned the body and hull with T-3000 modulus carbon fiber to make it lighter & stiffer, helping deliver the incredible 770N of thrust. We increased the accumulator capacity and motor torque – as a result, we needed to re-engineer the engine control module to handle the increased electrical loads.

The Stingray EON tops out at 25 km/h and if you can hold on long enough, gives over an hour and a half of stunning performance down to a depth which we had to limit to 30m for your own safety!

  • Stingray EON In Black Carbon Fibre

    • 25 km/h max speed
    • 30 m maximum depth
    • 5.0 kW max power output
    • 770 N max propulsive force
    • 7 power modes
    • 90 mins run time
    • Weight 38kg
    • Fast-charge 120 mins (standard trickle-charge 7hrs)
    • Dimensions L110cm, W53cm, H40cm

    The EON chassis, hull, and body is made from aerospace standard T-3000 modulus carbon fiber. Stingray looks pretty mean in its unadulterated raw composite form, but we have included the option of some signature colours, just in case.