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Bringing the fantasy to life, the iAQUA SeaDart PRO is our flagship, built fully from T-3000 carbon fibre outer, this reduces weight and adds to the rigidity. Our recent hydrodynamics research and motor optimization have allowed a top speed of over 25 km/h and the never-before-seen i-Mode. Our new patented propeller system keeps the noise down to a stealth level. Our waterproofing technologies still allow depths of 30m, while the battery life has been increased to 90 minutes.

  • iAQUA SeaDart PRO In Black Carbon Fibre

    • 25 km/h max speed
    • 30 m maximum depth
    • 5.0 kW max power output
    • 770 N max propulsive force
    • 7 power modes
    • 90 mins run time
    • Weight 39kg
    • Fast-charge 120 mins (standard trickle-charge 7hrs)
    • Dimensions L115cm, W60cm, H40cm

    The iAQUA SeaDart PRO chassis, hull and body are all made from aerospace standard T-3000 modulus carbon fibre. This is the reason there are no colour options for the iAQUA SeaDart PRO… We want to show the carbon fibre off in all its glory for your viewing pleasure.