We are an international team of designers and engineers based in Shenzhen, Asia’s Silicon Valley. With years of automotive design and component manufacturing experience under our belts. We design, engineer, manufacture, and assemble our products in-house meaning product development is fast-paced and efficient. By cutting out consultancies and complex supply chains we are able to offer iAQUA products at surprisingly sensible prices without any compromise in quality or performance.

iAQUA’s provenance lies in the automotive industry. We have years of experience in working with the most discerning car manufacturers that demand the highest quality products and components. We apply the same rigorous simulation and testing systems to our water-jet products – a sector that is unused to this high level of quality control.

Stingray was the first electric water-jet product to showcase iAQUA’s unique design, engineering and technology. We are currently working on several concepts that are based on our mantra of creating high performance products that are affordable, serviceable and fun.


Shenzhen has to be seen to be believed; it’s not so much a city as a vast metropolis. It is one of the main financial and industrial cities of southern China and feels like a glimpse into the future. Prior to 1980, Shenzhen was a small market town but was designated as China’s first Special Economic Zone and flourished economically. It is now home to 12.5 million people and many of the world’s most progressive tech companies.

One of our initial objectives was to design and manufacture using talent and supply chains within the region. Sourcing and manufacturing something as technically challenging as Stingray within a 100 mile radius would not be possible anywhere else in the world. Whether it’s carbon fibre specialists or circuit board manufacturers we have the know-how and quality on our doorstep.

The cliché ‘Made in China’ used to imply cheap and cheerful but as DJI, Huawei and XioMi are proving, Shenzhen is the new beating heart of the tech industry – move over Silicon Valley.


Danish has nerves of steel, whether it’s driving through Shenzhen or dealing with difficult suppliers, he is unflappable. Having grown up in Mumbai and studied in Nottingham in the UK, Danish graduated in Mechanical Engineering and spent his career working on automotive projects before moving to iAQUA. Danish was one of the first team members and was instrumental in coming up with the original concept. Just don’t try to talk to him about cricket.

Peter is our resident electronics genius. Hailing from Guangxi in China he studied Electronics Technology at GXCME to work with an electronics supplier before joining the iAQUA team as the Lead Electrical Designer. A keen traveller and photographer, Peter has the patience of a saint, which is good seeing as he needs to translate the complex iAQUA electronics to us mere engineers in very simple terms. As one of the oldest members of the team, Peter instils a sense of calm confidence in the rest of us. Namaste.

Jody is one of the most recent members of the team and splits his time between Singapore, Shenzhen and swanning around boat-shows. From scuba diving and racing power boats to designing yachts, Jody is most at home when in or thinking about the sea. Originally from Dorset in Southern England and graduating in Product Design from Brunel University, he spent his early career working in automotive design before turning to marine design in 2007. He joined the team initially to help with marketing but soon became entrenched in product development.

Lin has cracked the code to contentment – he is always smiling; even when we are all in the factory scratching our heads at 2am. The team’s Lead Mechanical Engineer and ninja CAD designer (he can model anything in lightning speed, which just means we give him more work to do). Originally from Fujian in Southeast China, Lin studied Vehicle Engineering at Xiamen University of Technology and was enticed to join iAQUA to help with research and development of new products.

Duo is a smiling assassin and his nemesis is bad design. Having started his own design studio in Shanghai the prospect of iAQUA’s exciting new projects convinced him to become our Lead Designer. Hailing from Jiangsu, he now commutes between his home and Shenzhen. Generally affable and calm, seeing Duo in a go-kart reveals the other side of his personality – fast and confident with little patience for back-markers. We think his design shows the same temperament.

Nick is perpetually moving; whether it’s skate boarding around the office or representing his home country on a wake-board he doesn’t sit still for long. Having grown up in and around the sea in Phuket, he’s the team’s self-nominated guinea pig. If he can’t hold on, we don’t stand a chance. Nick is one of our key engineers responsible for dynamics and the assembly, as well as our barometer of whether our prototypes are extreme enough. Given he likes nothing more than wakeskating, wakeboarding or surfing, expect some Nick inspired iAQUA projects soon!

Huiqi ‘the perfectionist’ is in charge of iAQUA tooling – and there is a lot of it. We keep as much of our manufacturing in-house as possible so we keep him pretty busy. As with the rest of the team he found the Stingray project an intriguing concept and was keen to be involved from the very start. A qualified Tooling Engineer from Shenzhen, Huiqi is a stickler for the details and isn’t content until his components are perfect. When he doesn’t have his face in a production tool, he can be found reading books… probably ones about injection moulding.